April 18th

American Bandstand and New Year's Rockin' Eve host Dick Clark died of heart failure.
Dick Clark
Standard & Poor's lowered its long-term outlook for the U.S. government's fiscal health from "stable" to "negative.".
The Supreme Court, in a 5-4 ruling, upheld a federal ban on a medical procedure that opponents calls partial-birth abortion.
Gonzales v. Carhart
Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero ordered a withdrawal of Spanish troops from Iraq.
José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero
Afghanistan’s former king, Mohammad Zahir Shah, returned after 29 years in exile.
Humaira Begum
Wayne Gretzky, the National Hockey League's all-time leading scorer, played his last professional game, at Madison Square Garden in New York.
Wayne Gretzky
Thousands of Chinese students demanding democracy tried to storm Communist Party headquarters in Beijing.
Tiananmen Square protests of 1989
A suicide bomber killed 63 people, including 17 Americans, at the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon.
1983 United States embassy bombing
The U.S. Senate approved the Panama Canal Treaty, providing for the complete turnover of control of the waterway to Panama on the last day of 1999.
Torrijos–Carter Treaties
London Bridge was sold to an American. It was rebuilt in Arizona.
London Bridge (Lake Havasu City)
Rainier III marries Grace Kelly. The wedding celebrations for the Prince of Monaco and the glamorous U.S. actress were broadcast around the world and enthused the population of war-torn Europe.
Grace Kelly
Physicist Albert Einstein died at age 76.
Albert Einstein
Colonel Gamal Abdal Nasser seizes power & becomes Prime Minister of Egypt.
Gamal Abdel Nasser
The European Coal and Steel Community, a precursor of the European Union, is established. The Treaty of Paris was signed by France, West Germany, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.
European Coal and Steel Community
Ireland becomes an independent republic. Six counties in the northern part of the island remained in the Commonwealth, leading to a decades-long ethno-nationalist conflict that culminated in The Troubles.
History of the Republic of Ireland
The League of Nations went out of business.
League of Nations
An air squadron led by Lt. Col. James H. Doolittle raided Tokyo and other Japanese cities.
Doolittle Raid
The first baseball game was played at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, with New York beating the Boston Red Sox 4-1.
Yankee Stadium (1923)
A massive earthquake destroys San Francisco. About 3000 people died in the disaster. Over 80 percent of the city was destroyed by the quake and resulting fires.
1906 San Francisco earthquake
Fighting ceases in the American Revolution, eight years to the day since it began.
Peace of Paris (1783)
Paul Revere rode from Charlestown to Lexington to warn Massachusetts colonists of the arrival of British troops during the American Revolution.
Paul Revere
Construction of the current St. Peter's Basilica begins. St. Peter's in Vatical City is one of the world's most important Catholic sites.
St. Peter's Basilica
Bolesław Chrobry is crowned in Gniezno, becoming the first King of Poland.
Bolesław I the Brave