April 22nd

Paris Agreement on climate change signed in New York binding 195 nations to an increase in the global average temperature to less than 2°C above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit the increase to 1.5°C.
Paris Agreement
243 people are injured in pro-democracy protest in Nepal after Nepali security forces open fire on protesters against King Gyanendra.
Bahraini protests of 2011–13
Armed immigration agents took Elian Gonzalez from the Miami home of his relatives to reunite him with his father.
Elián González
The Japanese embassy hostage crisis ends after 126 days. The hero status of the Peruvian troops involved in the successful raid was later called into question when evidence of summary executions of captured insurgents emerged.
Japanese embassy hostage crisis
7,000 Tutsi's slaughtered by Hutu in the stadium at Kibuye, Rwanda.
Holocaust Memorial Museum dedicated in Washington D.C.
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
A series of massive explosions destroys parts of Guadalajara. The disaster in the downtown district of Analco occurred after gasoline had leaked into the sewer system. At least 206 people died, nearly 500 were injured, and about 15,000 were left homeless.
1992 Guadalajara explosions
Optical fiber is used for telephone transmissions for the first time. Fiber-optic technology allows sending information over long distances by means of light pulses. It has played an important role in the development of modern-day global communications.
Fiber-optic communication
The first Earth Day was observed.
Earth Day
Adolf Hitler admits defeat. The German dictator announced in the underground Führerbunker that he plans to commit suicide after learning that Soviet forces had entered Berlin.
1st military use of poison gas (chlorine, by Germany) in WW I.
Chemical weapons in World War I
The 1906 Olympic Games begin in Athens. While the meet in practice was the second Olympic Games of the modern era, it is not recognized as such by the International Olympic Committee.
1906 Intercalated Games
Highlanders (Yankees) 1st game in New York at Hilltop Park vs Washington Senators, lose 3-1 before 11,950.
The land rush in Oklahoma began when it was opened to settlers.
Land Rush of 1889
Congress authorized the inscription "In God We Trust" on coins minted as U.S. currency.
In God We Trust
The Spanish poet Cervantes died in Madrid. (Some sources say April 23.).
Miguel de Cervantes
Henry VIII became king of England.
Henry VIII of England
Pedro Alvares Cabral discovered Brazil and claimed it for Portugal.
Pedro Álvares Cabral