August 11th

Eunice Kennedy Shriver, sister of President John F. Kennedy and founder of the Special Olympics, died at age 88.
Eunice Kennedy Shriver
The Transportation Security Administration banned all liquids, gels and aerosols from passenger cabins on airliners one day after a thwarted terrorist attack.
2006 transatlantic aircraft plot security reaction
NATO takes over command of the peacekeeping force in Afghanistan, marking its first major operation outside Europe in its 54-year-history.
International Security Assistance Force
US Airways filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
List of airline bankruptcies in the United States
Pat Buchanan won the Reform Party presidential nomination.
Reform Party presidential primaries, 2000
Last Total Solar Eclipse of the Millennium. The eclipse was visible from Europe, most of Asia and Africa and in parts of North America. Because of its path through heavily populated parts of the world, the solar eclipse is thought to be one of the most viewed eclipses in recorded history.
Solar eclipse of August 11, 1999
British Petroleum purchased Amoco for $49 billion.
Mall of America Opens its Doors to Shoppers. Located in in Bloomington, Minnesota, the mall is the largest shopping Mall in the United States. Spanning 4,870,000 sq ft, it has an indoor theme park and attracts about 40 million visitors each year.
Mall of America
Following the arrest of a young black motorist, the predominately black neighborhood of Watts in Los Angeles erupted in riots that lasted six days and left 34 dead.
Watts riots
The Soviet Space Agency Launches Vostok 3. The spacecraft was piloted by Andriyan Nikolayev, the first cosmonaut to have orbited the Earth 64 times in 4 days.
Vostok 3
Chad gains its independence from the French. The Central African country came under French rule in 1900 after the Battle of Kousséri. Francois Tombalbay became indpendent Chad's first president.
French Community
Abstract artist Jackson Pollock died in an automobile accident.
Jackson Pollock
A formal peace took hold in Indochina, ending more than seven years of fighting between the French and the Communist Vietminh.
First Indochina War
King Hussein of Jordan ascended the throne after his father had been declared mentally unfit.
King Hussein of Jordan
The first Olympic Games after the 1938 Berlin Olympics open in London. The next two games after Berlin, scheduled to be held in Tokyo and Helsinki were cancelled due to the Second World War. The first Olympics to be broadcast on television, the London Olympics was popularly known at the time as the Austerity Games. This was because of the cutbacks the host nation had to do due to the post-war economy.
1948 Summer Olympics
Allies refuse Japan's surrender offer to retain Emperor Hirohito.
Surrender of Japan
The first inmates arrived at the federal prison on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay.
Alcatraz Island
Babe Ruth becomes 1st professional baseball player to hit 500 homers (off Willis Hudlin of Cleveland Indians).
1929 in baseball
Arapahoe became the first American ship to use the S.O.S. distress signal.