August 19th

A federal grand jury indicted retired baseball player Roger Clemens for allegedly lying to Congress about steroid use. (Clemens' trial this year ended in a mistrial.).
Roger Clemens
A Texas jury found pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co. liable for the death of a man who'd taken the once-popular painkiller Vioxx.
The Internet search engine Google went public.
History of Google
U.N. special representative Sergio Vieira de Mello was one of 22 killed when a suicide car bomb struck the UN's Baghdad headquarters.
Canal Hotel bombing
A judge sentenced former Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker to four years' probation for his Whitewater crimes.
Jim Guy Tucker
President Bill Clinton halted the nation's three-decade open-door policy for Cuban refugees.
Henry Kissinger
Race riots break out in the Crown Heights area of New York city. The violent race riots broke out between African-American and Orthodox Jewish residents of Crown Heights after 2 children were accidentally run down by the motorcade of Menachem Mendel Schneerson, a leader of the Orthodox Jews. This resulted in a 3-day long riot that ended in the death of 2 men and several injuries.
Crown Heights riot
Iran-Iraq begin a cease-fire in their 8-year-old war (11 PM EDT).
2001 in Afghanistan
A fire at the Rex Cinema in Abadan, Iran, kills over 400 people. The incident which is considered to be a run-up to the Iranian Revolution occurred during the screening of The Deers, a film by Iranian director Masoud Kimiai. It is thought that 4 extremists locked the gates of the theater and set it on fire. Many people at the time believed that the fire was started by SAVAK, the Iranian intelligence agency.
Cinema Rex fire
Comedian Groucho Marx died in Los Angeles at age 86.
Groucho Marx
President Gerald R. Ford won the Republican presidential nomination at the party's national convention in Kansas City.
1976 Republican National Convention
Jazz trumpeter Miles Davis began three days of recording sessions that yielded the album 'Bitches Brew.'.
Dave Holland
World’s First Geostationary Satellite is Launched. Syncom 3, a communications satellite was launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida. A geostationary satellite is a manmade object that follows the Earth’s rotation around its axis. Because of this, it looks like it is not moving in the sky for observers on Earth. Like all geostationary satellites, Syncom 3 was placed in orbit about 22,00 miles from Earth, above the Equator and near the International Date Line. The 1964 Tokyo Olympics were broadcast to the United States with the help of this satellite.
Sputnik 5 is launched by USSR. The Soviet spacecraft carried two dogs, Strelka and Belka, who became the first living beings to survive in space.
Korabl-Sputnik 2
WWII: Over 4,000 Canadian and British soldiers killed, wounded or captured raiding Dieppe, France.
Dieppe Raid
Spanish poet and playwright Federico Garcia Lorca was shot by Franco's soldiers during the Spanish Civil War.
Federico García Lorca
Germans voted to make Adolf Hitler Fuhrer.
German referendum, 1934
The comedy 'Amos 'n' Andy' made its network radio debut on NBC.
Amos 'n' Andy
Afghanistan Gains Independence From the United Kingdom. The Central Asian country came under British control in 1859, The country was considered to be a buffer for the British trade in opium and as a frontier to protect their interests in India. Despite trying several times to consolidate their rule over Afghanistan, the Afghan people remained hostile to British control and in 1919, King Amanullah declared Afghanistan to be independent from Britain’s protection. The declaration launched a war called the Third Anglo-Afghan War, which ended with the signing of the Rawalpindi Treaty on this day. The treaty granted Afghanistan independence from the British.
Afghan Independence Day
Details of Louis Daguerre's 1st practical photographic process are released in Paris.
The U.S. frigate Constitution, Old Ironsides, defeated the British ship Guerriere during the War of 1812.
USS Constitution