August 26th

US President Bill Clinton signs welfare reform into law, representing major shift in welfare policy.
Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act
First German to go into Space. Sigmund Jähn, a pilot from the East German Air Force joined the crew of Soyuz 31, a Soviet manned space flight to the Salyut 6 space station.
Timeline of space travel by nationality
Aviator Charles Lindbergh, the first man to fly solo, nonstop across the Atlantic, died.
Charles Lindbergh
Namibian War of Independence Begins. The 24-year long rebellion against the South African government began with an attack by the South African Defence Force on the members of the South-West Africa People's Organization (SWAPO) at Omugulugwombashe. Namibia gained independence on 21 March 1990. Namibians observe Heroes Day annually on August 26.
South African Border War
British Motor Corporation introduced the Morris Mini-Minor, designed by Alec Issigonis it was only 10 ft long but seated 4 passengers.
First Tennis Match to be Telecast in Color. The Davis Cup match between Australia and the US from the West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills, New York, was telecast on NBC.
Timeline of the BBC
Japanese diplomats board USS Missouri to receive instructions on Japan's surrender at the end of WWII.
Surrender of Japan
The first televised major league baseball game was televised: a double-header between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Cincinnati Reds.
Baseball broadcasting firsts
The Catastrophe of Smyrna: known as the Asia Minor Catastrophe to Greeks. The Ottoman army expels Greeks and other non-Turks from Asia Minor. (August 13 OS).
Population exchange between Greece and Turkey
19th Amendment to the US Constitution Takes Effect. The amendment extended universal suffrage to women in the United States. Before this, women in some states could vote in local and state elections. The Amendment was first introduced in Congress 42 years ago in 1878 by Senator Aaron A. Sargent. In 1919, the Congress approved the amendment and sent it to the states to be ratified.
Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution
A massive volcanic eruption on the island of Krakatoa blew up most of the island and resulted in tsunamis that killed over 36,000 people.
1883 eruption of Krakatoa
Liberia was proclaimed an independent republic.
Liberian Declaration of Independence
James Cook Sails off on HMS Endeavour. The British explorer was the first European in recorded history to have visited the eastern shores of Australia. The ship reached Botany Bay in April 1770 and was back on British shores on July 12, 1771.
HMS Endeavour
Battle of Crécy, south of Calais in northern France. Edward III's English longbows defeat Philip VI's army, cannons used for first time in battle
Siege of Calais (1346–47)