December 16th

Last episode of Larry King Live aired. After 25 years of being on TV, the last episode of Larry King Live, one of CNN's most watched TV program was aired. While the official end date for the talk show was December 16, an episode on cancer was aired two days later on December 18. It was replaced by Piers Morgan Tonight.
Larry King Live
Iran test-fired a missile capable of hitting Israel and parts of Europe.
Nuclear weapons and Israel
British forces formally handed over to Iraq responsibility for Basra, the last Iraqi region under their control.
History of Iraq (2003–11)
President-elect George W. Bush selected Colin Powell to become the first African-American secretary of state.
Colin Powell
President Bill Clinton ordered a sustained series of airstrikes against Iraq by American and British forces in response to Saddam Hussein's continued defiance of U.N. weapons inspectors.
Operation Infinite Reach
Kazakhstan independence. The Central Asian country was the last Soviet republic to declare its independence.
Jean-Bertrand Aristide was elected president of Haiti in the country's first democratic elections.
Jean-Bertrand Aristide
Reputed organized-crime chief Paul Castellano was shot to death outside a New York City restaurant.
Paul Castellano
End of Indo-Pakistani War. The third major conflict between the two countries was fought because of India's support of Bangladesh's War of Liberation. The war ended only after 13 days and with the creation of the independent state of Bangladesh.
Indo-Pakistani War of 1971
The Battle of the Bulge during World War II began as German forces launched a surprise counterattack against Allied forces in Belgium.
Battle of the Bulge
One of the deadliest earthquakes in history hit the Gansu province in China. The 8.6 quake killed 200,000 people.
2008 Sichuan earthquake
Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke was born in Minehead, England.
Arthur C. Clarke
Gregory Rasputin, the monk who had wielded powerful influence over the Russian court, was murdered by a group of noblemen.
Grigori Rasputin in popular culture
The first of the powerful New Madrid earthquakes, with an estimated magnitude of 7.7, struck the central Mississippi Valley.
New Madrid Seismic Zone
Napoleon Bonaparte was divorced from the Empress Josephine by an act of the French Senate.
Paris under Napoleon
Boston Tea Party. Considered as one of the key events in the American Revolution, the Tea Party occurred when protesters in Boston, a territory controlled by the British, dumped heavily taxed British tea into Boston Harbor.
Boston Tea Party
Last eruption of Mount Fuji. The highest volcano in Japan erupted for the last time in what is known as the Hōei Eruption. The eruption lasted for 17 days.
Hōei eruption of Mount Fuji
Parliamentarian General Oliver Cromwell appointed as Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland.
Oliver Cromwell
Seven Year War: Battle of Noryang Point - in the final battle of the war Korean navy decisively defeats the Japanese.
Japanese invasions of Korea (1592–98)
An Lushan revolts against Chancellor Yang Guozhong at Fanyang, initiating the An Shi Rebellion during Chinese Tang Dynasty.
An Lushan Rebellion