February 3rd

Federal prosecutors dropped their investigation of Lance Armstrong, ending a nearly two-year effort aimed at determining whether the seven-time Tour de France winner and his teammates had participated in a doping program.
Lance Armstrong doping case
Tens of thousands of protesters staged unprecedented demonstrations against Yemen's autocratic president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, a key U.S. ally in battling Islamic militants.
Arab Spring
An Egyptian passenger ferry sank in the Red Sea during bad weather, killing more than 1,000 passengers.
List of maritime disasters in the 20th century
20 people die in the Cavalese cable car disaster. The wings of a low-flying U.S. military aircraft cut the aerial tramway's cables, causing the cabin to plunge 80 meters.
Cavalese cable car disaster (1998)
Col. Eileen Collins became the first woman to pilot the space shuttle when the Discovery blasted off.
Space Shuttle Columbia
The space shuttle Discovery blasted off with a woman, Air Force Lt. Col. Eileen Collins, in the pilot's seat for the first time.
Space Shuttle Columbia
Paraguay's dictator, Alfredo Stroessner, is overthrown. Stroessner had come to power in 1954 with a military coup.
Alfredo Stroessner
The U.S. House of Representatives rejected President Ronald Reagan's request for more than $36 million in aid to the Nicaraguan Contras.
Hillary Clinton
The deadliest snowstorm in history kills 4000. The Iran Blizzard lasted a week and left whole villages without survivors.
Apollo 14 astronauts Alan B. Shepard Jr. and Edgar D. Mitchell landed on the lunar sufrace during the third successful manned mission to the moon.
Apollo 14
Yasser Arafat becomes leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). Even after his death in 2011, Arafat remained a highly controversial figure, many Arabs praising him as a freedom fighter while many Israelis denouncing him as a terrorist.
Yasser Arafat
Luna 9 touches down on the Moon. The unmanned Soviet spacecraft was the first to achieve a soft landing there.
Luna 9
Rock 'n' roll stars Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson died in a plane crash near Clear Lake, Iowa.
The Day the Music Died
Woodrow Wilson, the 28th president of the United States, died in Washington, D.C., at age 67.
Woodrow Wilson
The United States broke off diplomatic relations with Germany, which had announced a policy of unrestricted submarine warfare.
International relations of the Great Powers (1814–1919)
The 16th Amendment to the Constitution, providing for a federal income tax, was ratified.
Sixteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution
US state of Iowa ratifies the 15th Amendment of the United States Constitution allowing suffrage for all races & colour.
Fifteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution
The territory of Illinois was created.
Illinois Territory
Johann Gutenberg, German printer and inventor, died.
Johannes Gutenberg
Sultan Mehmed II, the Conqueror inherits the throne of the Ottoman Empire.
Mehmed the Conqueror