February 22nd

185 people are killed during an earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. The quake, while having a magnitude of only 6.3, had one of the highest intensities ever recorded in an urban area (MM IX).
2011 Christchurch earthquake
Insurgents destroyed the golden dome of one of Iraq's holiest Shiite shrines, the Askariya mosque in Samarra, setting off a spasm of sectarian violence.
2006 al-Askari mosque bombing
A U.N. war crimes tribunal convicted three Bosnian Serbs on charges of rape and torture in the first case of wartime sexual enslavement to go before an international court.
List of people indicted in the International Criminal Tribunal for the ...
The People Power Revolution begins in the Philippines. The nonviolent campaign resulted in the fall of President Ferdinand Marcos and the restoration of the country's democracy.
People Power Revolution
The play “Moose Murders” flops spectacularly on Broadway. According to critic Frank Rich, “a visit to Moose Murders is what will separate the connoisseurs of Broadway disaster from mere dilettantes for many moons to come.”
The U.S. hockey team beat the Soviets 4-3 In a stunning upset at the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, N.Y.
Miracle on Ice
25,000 US & South Vietnamese troops launch Operation Junction City against Viet Cong. Largest US airborne assult since WWII.
1967 U.S. Women's Open Golf Championship
The inaugural Daytona 500 race was held in Daytona Beach, Fla.
1959 Daytona 500
Czechoslovakia becomes a communist state following a coup d'etat. The country became a parliamentary republic following the non-violent “Velvet Revolution” in 1989 and was split into the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic in 1993.
1948 Czechoslovak coup d'état
Airplanes were no longer permitted to fly over the White House.
1935 in aviation
Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., was born in Boston, the youngest child of Joseph P. and Rose Kennedy.
Ted Kennedy
Calvin Coolidge delivered the first presidential radio broadcast from the White House.
Calvin Coolidge
The first Woolworth store opens in Utica, New york. Frank Woolworth's five-and-dime retail stores became one of the world's most successful trading companies with branches in many countries around the world.
F. W. Woolworth Company
Tennessee adopted a new constitution abolishing slavery.
Emancipation Proclamation
Jefferson Davis was inaugurated as president of the Confederacy.
Jefferson Davis
Russia & Britain establish Alaska-Canada boundary.
Decembrist revolt
Spain ceded Florida to the United States.
Adams–Onís Treaty
The Last Invasion of Britain by the French, begins near Fishguard, Wales.
Battle of Fishguard
British House of Lords rules authors do not have perpetual copyright.
History of copyright law
Galileo's Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems is published.
Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems
Robert II succeeded to the throne of Scotland, beginning the Stuart dynasty.
Robert II of Scotland