January 11th

The Arab Spring movement begins in Tunisia when demonstrators take to the streets to protest chronic unemployment and police brutality.
Yemeni Revolution
Mark McGwire admitted to The Associated Press that he'd used steroids and human growth hormone when he broke baseball's home run record in 1998.
Roger Clemens
Sir Edmund Hillary, the first person to conquer Mount Everest, died at age 88.
Edmund Hillary
English soccer player David Beckham announced a five-year deal to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy.
David Beckham
Calling the death penalty process "arbitrary and capricious, and therefore immoral," Illinois Gov. George Ryan commuted the sentences of 167 condemned inmates, clearing his state's death row two days before leaving office.
The first prisoners arrive in Guantanamo Bay. Following reports of torture, Amnesty International called the situation at the US detention camp a “human rights scandal”.
Guantanamo Bay detention camp
The first Rock in Rio music festival is held. A whopping 1.5 million people attended, making it the world's largest music festival.
Rock in Rio
France set off an international uproar by releasing Abu Daoud, a Palestinian suspected of involvement in the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics.
Baseball's American League adopted the "designated hitter" rule which allowed another player to bat for the pitcher.
Designated hitter
The first government report regarding the dangers of cigarette smoking was issued by the U.S. Surgeon General, Luther Terry.
Smoking and Health: Report of the Advisory Committee to the ...
A massive landslide kills 4,000 in Peru. Nine villages in the Río Santa Valley were engulfed by a 12-meter wall of rock and ice.
List of deadliest floods
Amelia Earhart flies solo from Hawaii to the U.S. mainland. She was the first person to achieve this feat. Her journey took her from Honolulu to Oakland, California.
Amelia Earhart
Insulin is used for the first time to treat diabetes. 14-year-old Leonard Thompson was the first person to receive the medication to combat his Type 1 diabetes.
History of diabetes
Alabama seceded from the Union.
Alabama in the American Civil War
1st public demonstration of telegraph message sent using dots & dashes at Speedwell Ironworks, Morristown, New Jersey by Samuel Morse and Alfred Vail.
Electrical telegraph
1st pineapples planted in Hawaii (or 1/21).
The Michigan Territory was created.
Michigan Territory
American founding father Alexander Hamilton was born in the West Indies.
Alexander Hamilton
Jacob van Necks fleet leaves Bantam Java with pepper, clove & muskaat.
Timeline of Indonesian history
Nika-revolt against Justianus & Theodora in Hippodrome Constantinople.
Nika riots