July 9th

South Sudan becomes the youngest country in the world. The North East African country, formally known as Republic of South Sudan peacefully seceded from Sudan after an independence referendum was passed. Since independence, however, the country has been wrecked with widespread ethnic violence and human rights violations.
South Sudan
The African Union is established in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The first chairman is Thabo Mbeki, President of South Africa.
Chairperson of the African Union
Boxer Mike Tyson was temporarily banned from boxing for biting Evander Holyfield's ear.
Evander Holyfield vs. Mike Tyson II
Donkey Kong is released by Nintendo. Nintendo's famous character Mario debuted as Jumpman in this popular arcade game.
Donkey Kong (video game)
Former U.S. chief justice Earl Warren died in Washington, DC.
Earl Warren
Andy Warhol's iconic Campbell's Soup Cans make their debut. The Soup Cans were first displayed at the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles, California, and were instrumental in popularizing Pop Art in the United States.
Campbell's Soup Cans
Lituya Bay megatsunami. A megatsunami, a tsunami whose waves are higher than a normal tsunami, hit Lituya Bay in Alaska, United States, resulting in a wave that was recorded to be 1,720 feet or 516 meters high. This is the highest wave recorded in history.
1958 Lituya Bay megatsunami
British battleship HMS Vanguard explodes at Scapa Flow (the result of an internal explosion of faulty cordite), killing 804.
HMS Vanguard (1909)
The British Parliament proclaimed that as of Jan. 1, 1901, the six Australian colonies would be united at the Commonwealth of Australia.
Federation of Australia
William Jennings Bryan delivered his "cross of gold" speech at the Democratic National Convention.
Cross of Gold speech
Daniel Williams performs 1st successful open heart surgery without anesthesia.
Daniel Hale Williams
The first Wimbledon Championship is held. The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in London hosted the first Wimbledon championship, which was not only the first tennis championship held in England but was also a precursor to grand slam tournaments. 22 men competed in the championship and Spencer Gore became the first person to win the Wimbledon tournament.
1877 Wimbledon Championship
The doughnut cutter was patented by John F. Blondel of Thomaston, Me.
Zachary Taylor, the 12th president of the U.S., died after only 16 months in office.
Zachary Taylor
Argentina formally declared independence from Spain.
Argentine Declaration of Independence
Russo-Swedish War: Second Battle of Svensksund - in the Baltic Sea, the Swedish Navy captures one third of the Russian fleet.
Battle of Svensksund
Turko-Mongol ruler Tamerlane (Timur) destroys Baghdad, killing 20,000.