July 24th

Santiago de Compostela derailment. A high speed train travelling from Alvia high-speed train travelling from Madrid to Ferrol derailed on a curve killing 79 people and injuring over 100.
Santiago de Compostela derailment
Lance Armstrong won a seventh consecutive Tour de France.
Lance Armstrong
The U.S. House expelled Rep. James Traficant, D-Ohio, who had been convicted of bribery, racketeering and tax evasion.
James Traficant
Retired Supreme Court Justice William J. Brennan died at age 91.
William J. Brennan Jr.
Iraq massed tens of thousands of troops and hundreds of tanks along its border with Kuwait.
Iran–Iraq War
A Miami jury convicted Ted Bundy of first-degree murder in the slayings of two Florida State University sorority sisters.
Ted Bundy
The 4-day long Libyan-Egyptian War comes to an end. The border war began with thousands of Libyans marching towards Egypt's borders.
Libyan–Egyptian War
The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled that President Richard Nixon had to turn over White House tapes to the Watergate special prosecutor.
Watergate scandal
Apollo 11, the first manned mission to the moon, splashed down safely in the Pacific.
Kitchen debate between Nixon and Khrushchev. A series of debates, now popularly called the kitchen debates, occurred between U.S. President Nixon and Soviet Premier Khrushchev in Moscow. Nixon was visiting a house built as part of an exhibit in the American National Exhibition.
Kitchen Debate
The state of Alabama dropped charges against five black men accused of raping two white women in the Scottsboro case.
Scottsboro Boys
John T. Scopes found guilty of teaching evolution in the “Scopes monkey trial”, Dayton, Tennessee, fined $100 & costs.
Scopes Trial
The Treaty of Lausanne is signed between Turkey and the countries that formed the Allied Powers in the First World War. Under the treaty,Turkey had to give up all the territorial claims made by the Ottoman Empire and agree to new borders.
Treaty of Lausanne
Rediscovery of Machu Picchu. The 15th century, largely forgotten Inca site in Peru was rediscovered by American Hiram Bingham III.
Machu Picchu
Tennessee became the first state to be readmitted to the Union after the Civil War.
Tennessee in the American Civil War
Martin Van Buren, the eighth president of the United States, died in Kinderhook, N.Y., at age 79.
Martin Van Buren
Brigham Young and the first members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) arrived at the Great Salt Lake.
Mormon pioneers
Benjamin Bonneville leads the first wagon train across the Rocky Mountains by Wyoming's South Pass.
South Pass (Wyoming)
Revolutionary Simon Bolivar was born in Caracas, Venezuela.
Simón Bolívar
Jacques Cartier lands in Canada, claims it for France.
Jacques Cartier