July 30th

620 million people were without power in India, the worst power outage in world history.
2012 India blackouts
Pretoria Accord signed. The Pretoria Accord was signed between the between the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Rwanda as an attempt to end the Second Congo War
Pretoria Accord
The Israeli Knesset passes the Jerusalem Law and adds it to Israel's Basic Law. The law declared Jerusalem the unified capital of Israel.
Former Teamsters union president James Hoffa was reported missing. Many suspect he was murdered, though his remains have never been found.
Jimmy Hoffa
President Lyndon Johnson signed the Medicare Bill into law.
Social Security Amendments of 1965
The phrase 'In God We Trust' was adopted as the U.S. national motto.
In God We Trust
The USS Indianapolis was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine and sank within 15 minutes. It was one of the greatest naval losses of World War II, resulting in the deaths of nearly 900 men.
USS Indianapolis (CA-35)
1st Penguin book is published, starting the paperback revolution.
Penguin Books
Summer Olympics open in Los Angeles. The tenth Summer Olympics was officially opened by President Ronald Reagan. This was the second time that the city of Los Angeles was hosting the multi-event international sports meet.
1932 Summer Olympics
The Charles, considered the world’s first "oil tanker", departs from the United States headed for Europe with a bulk capacity of 7,000 barrels of oil.
History of the oil tanker
Indian Wars: Chief Pocatello of the Shoshone tribe signs the Treaty of Box Elder, promising to stop harassing the emigrant trails in southern Idaho and northern Utah.
The U.S. city of Baltimore was founded.
The first legislative assembly in English North America convened in Jamestown, Va.
House of Burgesses
First defenestration of Prague: anti-Catholic Hussites, followers of executed reformer Jan Hus, storm Prague town hall and throw the judge, mayor and several city council members out the windows. They die in the fall or killed by crowd outside.
Czech Republic
Frederick I (Barbarossa), Holy Roman Emperor, crowned King of Burgundy.
Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor