June 6th

After days of denials, Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., confessed that he had tweeted a lewd photo of himself to a woman and admitted to "inappropriate" exchanges with six women.
Anthony Weiner sexting scandals
Phylicia Rashad became the first African-American actress to win a Tony for a leading dramatic role for her work in a revival of "A Raisin in the Sun.".
Phylicia Rashad
A near-Earth asteroid estimated at 10 metres diameter explodes over the Mediterranean Sea between Greece and Libya. Resulting explosion estimated to have a force of 26 kilotons, more powerful than the Nagasaki atomic bomb.
Vermont Republican Senator James Jeffords left the party to become an independent, handing control of the Senate back to the Democrats.
Jim Jeffords
The 2 Live Crew album "As Nasty As They Wanna Be" was ruled obscene by a federal judge in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
2 Live Crew
Authorities in Brazil exhumed a body later identified as that of Dr. Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor who conducted medical experiments on inmates at Auschwitz during World War II.
Josef Mengele
The video game Tetris is published. Russian computer engineer, Alexey Pajitnov, created the puzzle game. With over 100 million copies sold, it is one of the most successful video games in history.
Israeli forces invade Lebanon. The 1982 Lebanon War was triggered by the attack on Israeli ambassador, Shlomo Argov, in London on June 3. Thousands of civilians died during the war, which lasted three years.
1982 Lebanon War
California voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 13, a ballot measure calling for major cuts in property taxes.
Jerry Brown
Sen. Robert F. Kennedy died at Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles, a day after he was shot by Sirhan Bishara Sirhan.
Black activist James Meredith was shot and wounded as he walked along a Mississippi highway to encourage black voter registration.
The National Basketball Association (NBA) is founded. The NBA, which comprises teams in the United States and Canada, is considered the world's premier men's professional basketball league.
National Basketball Association
On D-Day, 160,000 Allied soldiers land in Normandy, France. The World War II invasion of Normandy established a new major front against the Germans in the west and helped Soviet forces facing the bulk of German troops in the east. Germany capitulated on May 7, 1945.
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was established to protect investors and maintain the integrity of the securities markets.
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
The first drive-in movie theater opened, in Camden County, N.J.
Drive-in theater
Frozen food is sold in retail stores for the first time. 18 stores in Springfield, Massachusetts took part in a trial to test consumer acceptance. Clarence Birdseye, the founder of the Birds Eye Frozen Food Company, is considered to be the father of the modern frozen food industry.
Clarence Birdseye
Walter Percy Chrysler founded the Chrysler Corp.
Walter Chrysler
The Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) was founded in London.
1st slaves arrive in Louisiana.
History of slavery in Louisiana
Gustav Vasa is elected King of Sweden, marking the end of the Kalmar Union.
Kalmar Union