June 20th

The German parliament moves to Berlin. Bonn had been the capital of West Germany until the country's reunification in 1990. The “Hauptstadtbeschluss” (capital decision) stipulated that the seat of government and the parliament also be moved to the “new” capital Berlin.
Decision on the Capital of Germany
The film Jaws is premiered. Steven Spielberg's thriller about a rogue great white shark terrorizing a summer resort town is often regarded as one of the greatest films of all time.
Jaws (film)
Muhammad Ali was convicted of violating Selective Service laws by refusing to be drafted.
Clay v. United States
The “red telephone” is instituted. The hotline between the U.S. and the Soviet Union was established following Cuban Missile Crisis. Contrary to popular belief, communications between the two superpowers occurred via teletype or fax, and today, via email.
Moscow–Washington hotline
Kazimierz Piechowski and three others escape from Auschwitz concentration camp. In a feat of “exceptional courage and gallantry”, as stated by the Polish author Kazimierz Smoleń, the four prisoners left via the front gate in a stolen SS staff car, dressed as SS officers. During World War II, the Nazi regime murdered 1.1 million people in Auschwitz. Only 144 are known to have escaped.
Kazimierz Piechowski
1st female PhD from an American University, earned by Caroline Willard Baldwin (in Science) at Cornell University.
List of Cornell University alumni
Lizzie Borden, accused of murdering her parents, was found innocent by a jury in New Bedford, Mass.
Lizzie Borden
West Virginia became the 35th state in the United States.
State of West Virginia
Samuel Morse patents his telegraph.
Samuel Morse
Victoria becomes Queen of the United Kingdom. During the 64 years of her regency, the United Kingdom became one of the world's most potent powers. The British Empire soon encompassed large parts of the planet. Queen Victoria died in 1901.
Queen Victoria
The 320-ton Savannah became the first steamship to cross the Atlantic.
SS Savannah
Tennis Court Oath (for a new constitution) in France made at Versailles.
Tennis Court Oath
The Great Seal of the United States was adopted.
Great Seal of the United States
British soldiers were thrown into the cell known as the "Black Hole of Calcutta.".
Black Hole of Calcutta
The University of Oxford receives its charter.
University of Oxford
Battle of the Catalaunian Plains: Roman and Visigoths forces defeat Attila the Hun in north east France.
Battle of the Catalaunian Plains