March 16th

Protests spread from Tibet into three neighboring provinces. the Dalai Lama decried what he called the 'cultural genocide' taking place in his homeland.
Tibetan independence movement
A judge in Redwood City, Calif., sent Scott Peterson to death row for the slaying of his pregnant wife, Laci.
Scott Peterson
Rachel Corrie, a 23-year-old American, was killed when she was run over by a bulldozer while trying to block Israeli troops from demolishing a Palestinian home in Gaza.
Rachel Corrie
Lieutenant Colonel Oliver L. North and Vice Admiral John M. Poindexter of the National Security Council are indicted on charges of conspiracy to defraud the United States for their role in the Iran-contra affair.
John Poindexter
U.S. journalist Terry Anderson was kidnapped in Beirut. he was not released until December 4, 1991 after 2454 days in captivity.
Terry A. Anderson
Italian politician Aldo Moro was kidnapped, and later murdered, by the Red Brigades.
Kidnapping of Aldo Moro
U.S. troops massacre hundreds of unarmed civilians in Vietnam. The 504 victims of the My Lai Massacre included many children and infants.
My Lai Massacre
Alfred Hitchcock's movie Psycho is premiered. The film starring Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh is an all-time classic of the suspense movie genre.
Psycho (1960 film)
Adolf Hitler orders German rearmament in violation of The Treaty of Versailles.
German re-armament
Robert Goddard launches the first liquid-fuel rocket. The idea for this revolutionary rocket engine first appeared in a book by Russian scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky.
Robert H. Goddard
First publication of an article by Joseph Lister outlining the discovery of antiseptic surgery, in The Lancet.
Joseph Lister
Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel The Scarlet Letter was published.
The Scarlet Letter
The Republic of Texas approved a constitution.
Constitution of the Republic of Texas
Congress authorized the establishment of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y.
History of the United States Military Academy
King Gustav III of Sweden is shot by Count Anckarström at a masked ball at the Opera; he dies on March 29.
Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan reached the Philippines, where he was killed by natives the following month.
History of the Philippines (1521–1898)