March 20th

Barack Obama becomes the first US President to visit Cuba since 1928, arriving for a 2 day tour.
List of presidential trips made by Barack Obama during 2016 ...
The U.S. military charged six soldiers with abusing inmates at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.
Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse
The United States invade Iraq, assisted by the United Kingdom, Australia, and Poland. The Iraq War, which was termed illegal by then UN Secretary, Kofi Annan, caused hundreds of thousands of Iraqi deaths.
2003 invasion of Iraq
Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones became the first to fly a hot-air balloon nonstop around the world.
Bertrand Piccard
Liggett Group settled 22 state lawsuits by admitting the industry markets cigarettes to teenagers and agreeing to warn on every pack that smoking is addictive.
Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement
A jury in Los Angeles convicted Erik and Lyle Menendez of first-degree murder in the shotgun slayings of their millionaire parents. (They are serving life without parole.).
Lyle and Erik Menendez
Japanese terrorists release poisonous gas in the Tokyo subway. 12 people died and thousands are wounded after members of the religious cult, Aum Shinrikyo, had places containers leaking sarin on 5 different trains.
Tokyo subway sarin attack
Namibia becomes an independent nation.
The Food and Drug Administration approved the sale of AZT, a drug shown to prolong the lives of some AIDS patients.
Libby Riddles became the first woman to win the Iditarod.
Libby Riddles
John Lennon and Yoko Ono marry. After the wedding in Gibraltar, the artists spent their honeymoon in Amsterdam with a Bed-In for Peace, which lasted a whole week.
Yoko Ono
Dachau, 1st Nazi concentration camp, completed.
Dachau concentration camp
Albert Einstein presents his general theory of relativity. The revolutionary theory describes the interdependency of matter on the one hand and space and time on the other. It is one of the most influential theories in Physics.
General relativity
US Secretary of State John Hay announces that all nations to whom he sent notes calling for an 'open door' policy in China have essentially accepted his stand.
Open Door Policy
German Emperor Wilhelm II fires chancellor Otto von Bismarck.
Wilhelm II, German Emperor
Harriet Beecher Stowe publishes her novel Uncle Tom's Cabin. The anti-slavery story played an important role in setting the scene for the American Civil War.
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Playwright Henrik Ibsen was born in Skien, Norway.
Henrik Ibsen
The Supreme Court affirmed its right to review state court decisions.
Martin v. Hunter's Lessee
Napoleon Bonaparte entered Paris, beginning his Hundred Days rule.
Hundred Days
Sir Isaac Newton - physicist, mathematician and astronomer - died in London.
Isaac Newton
The Dutch East India Company was established. During its 196-year history, it became one of the world's most powerful companies.
Dutch East India Company
England's King Henry IV died.
Henry IV of England