March 29th

Two Chechen suicide bombers detonate their devices in the Moscow underground. 40 people died in the attack allegedly carried out by so-called “black widows”, or Islamist Chechen female suicide bombers.
2010 Moscow Metro bombings
Hamas formally took over the Palestinian government.
Palestinian legislative election, 2006
Ireland becomes the first country to ban smoking in all workplaces. Contrary to initial concerns, the ban had no adverse economic effects, and soon several other countries passed similar legislation. According to the World Health Organization, tobacco smoke is the single greatest cause of preventable death globally.
Smoking in Ireland
Israel declared Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat an enemy and sent tanks and armored personnel carriers to fully isolate him in his headquarters in the West Bank town of Ramallah.
Wikipedia:0.8/First half
Wayne Gretzky of the New York Rangers scored the last of his National Hockey League record 894 goals in a home game against the New York Islanders.
List of career achievements by Wayne Gretzky
Democratic presidential front-runner Bill Clinton acknowledged experimenting with marijuana "a time or two" while attending Oxford University, adding, "I didn't inhale and I didn't try it again.".
Al Gore
The Terracotta Army is discovered in Xi'an, China. The famous collection of some 8000 soldier sculptures, depicting Emperor Qin Shi Huang's army, was located by local farmers when they were digging a water well.
Terracotta Army
The last U.S. troops left South Vietnam.
1973 in the Vietnam War
Charles Manson is sentenced to death in the gas chamber. The sentence was never carried out because the California Supreme Court abolished the death penalty in 1972. The infamous criminal who ordered several murders continues to serve a life sentence.
Capital punishment in California
Jack Paar hosted NBC's "Tonight Show" for the final time.
Tonight Starring Jack Paar
After a 4½ year trial Nelson Mandela is acquitted of treason in Pretoria.
1956 Treason Trial
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage for passing nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union.
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
Robert Scott makes his final diary entry. Scott wrote: “We shall stick it out to the end, but we are getting weaker, of course, and the end cannot be far.” The British explorer and his companions died on an expedition to the South Pole.
Robert Falcon Scott
Edmund Barton is elected Prime Minister in Australia's first parliamentary election.
Australian federal election, 1901
The Knights of Columbus was chartered in Connecticut.
Knights of Columbus
The North America Act was passed by the British parliament, creating the dominion of Canada.
Constitution Act, 1867
For the first time in recorded history, Niagara Falls stopped flowing. An ice jam in the Niagara River above the rim of the falls caused the water to stop.
Niagara Falls
Ludwig van Beethoven (24) has his debut performance as pianist in Vienna.
Symphony No. 9 (Beethoven)
John Tyler, the 10th president of the United States, was born in Charles City County, Va.
John Tyler
The city of Salvador da Bahia, the first capital of Brazil, is founded.
Salvador, Bahia