November 12th

Ramzi Yousef, the man behind the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, was convicted in New York.
Ramzi Yousef
Dili massacre. Several pro-independence protesters were shot at the Santa Cruz cemetery in Dili, East Timor by Indonesian soldiers. about 250 people were killed in this event, which is also known as the Dili massacre or the Santa Cruz massacare
Santa Cruz massacre
Coup in Lesotho. Justin Metsing Lekhanya staged a coup against King Moshoeshoe II of Lesotho and took over the government of Lesotho. Lekhanya was deposed a few months later in another military coup.
1991 Lesotho coup d'état
First salvage operation in space. Astronauts Dale A. Gardner and Joseph P. Allen aboard space shuttle Discovery performed a series of space walks to salvage parts from two satellites, the Palapa B-2 and the Westar 6 which had steered away from their orbits.
Anna Lee Fisher
STS-2 launched. The second space shuttle mission by NASA, space shuttle Columbia was launched from NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It was the first time a manned space shuttle had been launched twice.
Cyclone Bhola makes landfall in East Pakistan killing up to 500,000 - deadliest tropical cyclone ever recorded.
1970 Bhola cyclone
US Supreme Court: Epperson v. Arkansas, court declares unconstitutional Arkansas law banning teaching evolution in public schools.
Epperson v. Arkansas
First images of a Solar Eclipse taken from space. The crew of Gemini 12 which included Edwin Eugene "Buzz" Aldrin were able to view and take pictures of the total solar eclipse over South America.
Gemini 12
Ellis Island stopped serving as the chief immigration station for the United States. Twenty million immigrants went through Ellis Island in its 62 years of operation.
Ellis Island
Naval Battle of Guadalcanal begins between Allied and Japanese forces in Solomon Islands (WWII).
Guadalcanal Campaign
Leon Trotsky was expelled from the Communist Party and Joseph Stalin became the ruler of the Soviet Union.
Leon Trotsky
Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis was elected the first commissioner of baseball.
Kenesaw Mountain Landis
Tibetan troops occupy Chang'an, capital of Chinese Tang Dynasty, occupy for fifteen days.
Tibetan Empire