November 15th

Al Jazeera English launched. The English language 24-hour news channel is owned and run by Al Jazeera Media Network based in Doha, Qatar.
Al Jazeera English
Hu Jintao replaced Jiang Zemin as China's Communist Party leader.
Hu Jintao
State of Palestine created. The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) declared the creation of the state while in exile in Algiers, Algeria. The declaration designated eastern Jerusalem as the state's capital. Today, almost 70% of all UN members state recognize it as an independent country.
History of the State of Palestine
About 250,000 protesters against the Vietnam War, the largest war protest ever, converged peacefully on Washington, DC.
List of rallies and protest marches in Washington, D.C.
Elvis Presley makes his movie debut. Love Me Tender, a black-and-white musical starred the American singer, who is also sometimes called the King of Rock and Roll. The movie was named after Presley's hit single by the same name.
Love Me Tender (film)
Assassins of MK Gandhi Executed in India. Nathuram Godse, Narayan Apte and 6 other co-conspirators of the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi were hanged at the Ambala jail. On January 30, 1948, Godse who was unhappy about Gandhi's accommodation of India's Muslims shot Gandhi while he was out for his evening prayers.
Nathuram Godse
Mackenzie King retires after 22 years as Prime Minister of Canada.
William Lyon Mackenzie King
The cornerstone of the Jefferson Memorial was laid by President Roosevelt.
Jefferson Memorial
League of Nations meets for the first time. The general assembly of the international organization got together for the first time after being founded in January 1920. The League was created as a response to World War I and was entrusted by member states to maintain peace in the world.
League of Nations
Colonization of Africa organized at international conference in Berlin.
Berlin Conference
Explorer Zebulon Pike spotted the mountaintop now known as Pikes Peak.
Pikes Peak
The Continental Congress approved the Articles of Confederation, the precursor to the U.S. Constitution.
Articles of Confederation
Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon began surveying the Mason-Dixon line.
Mason–Dixon line
Christopher Columbus notes 1st recorded reference to tobacco.
History of tobacco