November 19th

2007 Inc. introduced the Kindle, an electronic book-reading device.
Amazon Kindle
The Wii, the Nintendo Co.'s game console, first went on sale.
Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants became the first baseball player to win four Most Valuable Player awards.
Barry Bonds
Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr laid out his evidence against President Bill Clinton during a daylong appearance before the House Judiciary Committee.
Suicide of Vince Foster
The pop duo Milli Vanilli was stripped of its Grammy Award after it was revealed that neither performer sang on the group's records.
Milli Vanilli
President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev met for the first time as they began a summit in Geneva.
Mikhail Gorbachev
Egyptian president Anwar Sadat visits Israel. Sadat was the first Arab head of state to visit Israel and address the Israeli parliament, the Knesset. His visit came under severe criticism both in Israel and in the Arab world. Sadat and Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1978 for their attempts to bring a resolution to the Arab-Israeli conflict.
Anwar Sadat
Second Moon Landing. The second spacecraft to land on the Moon, Apollo 12 was the 6th manned flight of NASA’s Apollo program. Crew members Charles Conrad Jr. and Alan L. Bean became the 3rd and 4th humans to step on the surface of the Moon. The first 2 were Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.
List of missions to the Moon
Ford Motor Co. announced it was halting production of the unpopular Edsel.
Janowska camp uprising. The concentration camp in occupied Poland was set up in 1941. In November 1943, in anticipation of the advancement of Soviet troops, the Nazis tried to evacuate the camp and used the inmates to remove traces of executions and mass killings in the past. On this day, the inmates staged an uprising and attempted to escape. Most escapees, however, were recaptured and killed.
Janowska concentration camp
Operation Uranus: Soviet offensive begins during Battle of Stalingrad, 1 million Soviet soldiers encircle the German Sixth Army.
The Senate rejected the Treaty of Versailles.
Racial Equality Proposal
Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was born in Allahabad.
Indira Gandhi
Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg Address at the dedication of the national cemetery on the Civil War battlefield of Gettysburg, Pa.
Gettysburg Address
James A. Garfield, the 20th president of the United States, was born in Orange, Ohio.
James A. Garfield
Lewis & Clark expedition reaches the Pacific Ocean, first European Americans to cross the west.
Lewis and Clark Expedition
Signing of the Jay Treaty. The treaty, officially known as, Treaty of Amity Commerce and Navigation, between His Britannic Majesty and The United States of America, was signed between representatives of the United States and Britain. It called for the British to surrender northwestern posts to the U.S. and for them to consider the United States as a most favored nation for trade between the two countries.
Jay Treaty
A masked man held prisoner in the Bastille in Paris died. His true identity was the cause of much intrigue, and his story became the basis of literary works by François Voltaire and Alexandre Dumas.
Man in the Iron Mask
Mayflower reaches Cape Cod & explores the coast.
The Recess document resulting from the Diet of Augsburg signed by Charles V and catholic princes.
Diet of Augsburg