October 11th

100th Mission of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program. Also known as the Space Transportation System or STS, the program was the first in the world to employ reusable spacecraft to take people into outer space. The first flight of the space shuttle fleet, which included Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis, and Endeavour took place on April 12, 1981. The 100th flight was on space shuttle Discovery and the mission was designated STS-92. It was the 30th time Discovery had flown into space.
Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev open talks at a summit in Reykjavik, Iceland.
Reykjavík Summit
First American Woman to walk in Space. Kathryn Dwyer Sullivan undertook a 3.5-hour long space walk with fellow astronaut David Leestma while on the Space Shuttle Challenger mission STS-41-G. The spacewalk was performed to demonstrate the possibility of refueling a satellite. STS-41-G was the first flight mission to carry two women astronauts - Sullivan and Sally Ride.
Kathryn D. Sullivan
The First Episode of Saturday Night Live Airs. A popular sketch comedy show, SNL, as it is popularly known, was initially called NBC's Saturday Night, and it was created and produced by Lorne Michaels. The original cast members of the show, which usually opens with the slogan “Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!”, included Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, and Chevy Chase.
Saturday Night Live
The first staffed Apollo mission, Apollo 7, was launched with astronauts Wally Schirra, Donn Fulton Eisele, and R. Walter Cunningham aboard.
Second Vatican Council (21st ecumenical) convened by Pope John XXIII.
Second Vatican Council
Chinese civil war begins between Kuomintang government led by Chiang Kai-Shek and Mao Zedong's Communist Party.
Chinese Civil War
A letter from Albert Einstein was delivered to President Franklin D. Roosevelt concerning the possibility of atomic weapons.
Einstein–Szilárd letter
English nurse Edith Cavell was executed by the Germans.
Edith Cavell
Wuchang Uprising. The Wuchang Uprising occurred in Wuchang, China, leading to the fall of the Qing dynasty and the establishment of the Republic of China. This day is celebrated as an important holiday in Taiwan.
Wuchang Uprising
Second Boer War Begins. The almost 3-year long conflict was fought between British and Irish troops and the Boers from the Transvaal and Orange Free State. The war began as a result of disagreements between the two sides over the ownership of gold and diamond mines in the region. The two countries were annexed by the British at the end of the war in May 1902. The word Boer is the Afrikaans word for farmer and it was used at that time to refer to Afrikaans-speaking settlers in the region.
Second Boer War
Battle of Camperdown (Kamperduin): British navy defeats Dutch fleet.
Battle of Camperdown
Polish patriot and American Revolutionary War commander Casimir Pulaski was killed in the battle of Savannah.
Casimir Pulaski
Earthquake kills 300,000 and destroys half of Calcutta India.
Pre-1975 North Indian Ocean cyclone seasons
Burchardi flood - "the second Grote Mandrenke" kills about 15,000 in North Friesland, Denmark and Germany.
Burchardi flood