September 2nd

President George W. Bush told Michael Brown, head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job" during a tour of Hurricane Katrina damage in Alabama.
Michael D. Brown
President George W. Bush accepted his party's nomination for a second term at the Republican National Convention in New York City.
2004 Republican National Convention
Tom Brokaw took over as anchor of NBC's 'Nightly News.'.
NBC Nightly News
The first automatic teller machine to use magnetic-striped cards opened to the public at Chemical Bank in Rockville Centre, New York.
Unusual types of gramophone records
Alabama governor George Wallace prevented the racial integration of Tuskegee High School by encircling the building with state troopers.
The First election of the Tibetan Parliament in Exile is held. The parliamentary body of the Central Tibetan Administration was elected and formed by Tibetan exiles in India. The day is celebrated as Democracy Day among Tibetan exiles.
Tibetan Parliament in Exile election, 1960
Interim government of India is formed. The interim government and the Constituent Assembly of India was given the task to oversee India's transition to independence from British rule. The government was headed by Jawaharlal Nehru.
Interim Government of India
V-J Day, formal surrender of Japan aboard USS Missouri marks the end of WW II (Japanese date, 1st September in US).
Victory over Japan Day
Navy pilot George H.W. Bush was shot down by Japanese forces as he completed a bombing run over the Bonin Islands.
Grumman TBF Avenger
A hurricane slammed into the Florida Keys, claiming 423 lives.
1935 Labor Day hurricane
Vice President Theodore Roosevelt gave his "speak softly and carry a big stick" speech, regarding foreign policy, at the Minnesota State Fair.
Big Stick ideology
Union General William T. Sherman captures and burns Atlanta during US Civil War.
Battle of Atlanta
September Massacres of the French Revolution: In Paris rampaging mobs slaughter 3 Roman Catholic bishops, more than two hundred priests, and prisoners believed to be royalist sympathizers.
September Massacres
U.S. Department of the Treasury is formed. The department is responsible for managing the government's revenue and spending. Alexander Hamilton was the first Secretary of the Treasury
United States Department of the Treasury
U.K. adopts the Gregorian Calendar. The calendar, also sometimes known as the Western Calendar, is one of the most widely used calendars today. Prior to the switch, Britain and its territories followed the Julian Calendar. Due to the change, the British lost 11 days when September 2 was followed by September 14.
Calendar (New Style) Act 1750
A fire ravishes the city of London. Also known as the Great fire of London, the fire broke out in a bakery and raged for 4 days destroying the houses of most inhabitants of the city.
Great Fire of London
Sultan Saladin and King Richard the Lionheart of England sign treaty over Jerusalem, at end of the Third Crusade.
Third Crusade