September 5th

President George W. Bush nominated John Roberts to be chief justice.
George W. Bush Supreme Court candidates
Humanitarian Mother Teresa, who won a Nobel Peace Prize for her work with the poor, died in Calcutta, India, at age 87.
Mother Teresa
Voyager 1 probe is launched. NASA launched the Voyager 1 probe from Florida. It is currently the farthest man-made object in Space.
Voyager 1
President Gerald R. Ford escaped an attempt on his life in Sacramento, Calif., by Lynette 'Squeaky' Fromme, a follower of Charles Manson.
Gerald Ford assassination attempt in Sacramento
Massacre at the Munich Olympics. A group of Palestinian militants belonging to the Black September terrorist group stormed the apartment Israeli athletes were staying at the Olympic Village in Munich, Germany several days after the XX Olympic Summer Games had begun. They killed 2 athletes and took 9 hostages, demanding the release of release over 230 Arab prisoners being held in Israel. The ensuing violence to release the hostages ended with the death of all 9 hostages and 5 militants. All Olympic events were suspended for a day to mourn and pay respects to the slain members of the Israeli delegation.
Munich massacre
'Doctor Zhivago' by Russian author Boris Pasternak was published in the United States.
Boris Pasternak
On the Road is Hits the Bookshelves for the First Time. The iconic book was written by American author Jack Kerouac and was based on his and his friends’ travels across America. The book is considered to be a prime example of the Beat Generation – a group of authors and artists who examined and studied American culture after the Second World War.
I Love Lucy
Benelux is Formed. The political and economic union consists of 3 countries - Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxemburg. The name comes from joining the first 2 letters, 3 in the case of Luxemburg of the member countries.
The United States proclaimed its neutrality in World War II.
Timeline of World War II (1939)
World War I: Battle of Marne begins, French and British forces prevent German advance on Paris (till the 12th Sept).
Battle of the Marne (1914)
The Treaty of Portsmouth, which ended the Russo-Japanese War, was signed at the Portsmouth naval base in New Hampshire.
Treaty of Portsmouth
The nation's first Labor Day parade was held in New York City.
Labor Day
The First Opium War begins in China.
First Opium War
Sam Houston is Elected President of Texas. He was made the Head of State of the Republic of Texas after colonists won their revolt against the Mexican government and created an independent and sovereign nation. Houston was responsible for the Texian victory against Mexican forces during the Battle of San Jacinto. Houston was elected president of the Republic of Texas twice and was also the only person to be governor of two different states - Texas and Tennessee.
Sam Houston
The Reign of Terror began during the French Revolution as the National Convention instituted harsh measures to repress counterrevolutionary activities.
Twelve of the thirteen American colonies adopt a trade embargo with Britain at the first Continental Congress at Carpenters' Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
First Continental Congress
Russia's Peter the Great levied a tax on bearded men.
Beard tax
Great Fire of London ends, leaving 13,200 houses destroyed and 8 dead.
Great Fire of London