September 7th

Independence of South Sudan. South Sudan became an independent country after a referendum that passed with over 98% of votes.
South Sudanese independence referendum, 2011
Troubled mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were placed in government conservatorship.
Federal takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
Former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage confirmed he was the source of a leak that disclosed the identity of CIA employee Valerie Plame, saying he didn't realize Plame's job was covert.
Richard Armitage (politician)
St. Louis Cardinals slugger Mark McGwire hit his 61st home run of the season, equaling Roger Maris' single-season home run record.
Rapper Tupac Shakur was shot on the Las Vegas Strip. he died six days later at age 25.
The Killing of Tupac Shakur
Kimberly Bergalis of Fort Pierce, Fla., came forward to identify herself as the woman who had been infected with AIDS, apparently by her late dentist. (She died the following year.).
Desmond Tutu was installed as the first black to lead the Anglican Church in southern Africa.
Desmond Tutu
The Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) made its debut on cable TV.
Georgi Markov is murdered. The Bulgarian writer and dissenter had left Bulgaria in 1969 and was working at BBC in London during the time of his murder. His murder, which is popularly known as the Umbrella Murder took place while he was crossing the Waterloo Bridge in London. The assassin, nicknamed Piccadilly, used a modified umbrella to shot a pellet full of ricin in Markov’s leg. Markov died 4 days later, on September 11 of ricin poisoning.
Georgi Markov
Treaty giving the Panama Canal to Panama is Signed. The Torrijos–Carter Treaties were two treaties signed between the heads of state of the US and Panama. The treaties gave control of the canal that connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean to Panama. The canal was constructed by, and had been in the control of, the United States since 1904.
Torrijos–Carter Treaties
NBC-TV debuted the original version of its animated peacock logo.
Logo of NBC
Germans Begin the Blitz over London. The Germans began strategically bombing the United Kingdom and London on this day. For 57 days, the German Luftwaffe aerially bombed London, killing over 20,000 people and destroying over a million homes in the city. The strategy lasted until May 1941 but did not succeed in breaking British resolve. By 1941, German attention was diverted to the Soviet Union.
The Blitz
The Tasmanian Tiger Becomes Extinct. The last surviving Tasmanian Tiger – a carnivorous marsupial, died in captivity at the Hobart Zoo, Tasmania, Australia. Called Benjamin, the thylacine, as the species was called, is believed to have died due to neglect. Thylacines were natives of Australia and New Guinea and went extinct due to over hunting and the introduction of invasive species like dingos.
TV pioneer Philo T. Farnsworth succeeded in transmitting an image through purely electronic means by using a device called an image dissector.
Video camera tube
Eugene Lefebvre becomes first pilot to die in an airplane craft, while test piloting new French-built Wright biplane at Juvisy.
Eugène Lefebvre
The Boxer Rebellion in China officially ended with the signing of the Peking Protocol (Peace of Beijing).
Boxer Rebellion
Edith Eleanor McLean is 1st baby to be placed in an incubator at State Emigrant Hospital on Ward’s Island, New York.
Wikipedia:WikiProject Abandoned Drafts/Stale drafts/Full/2
Pedro I, son of King Joao VI declares Brazil's independence from Portugal (National Day).
Independence of Brazil
Treaty of Baden: Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI & France, ends War of Spanish Succession, French retain Alsace, Austria gets bank of Rhine.
Treaty of Baden (1714)
England's Queen Elizabeth I was born in Greenwich.
Elizabeth I of England
Roman army under General Titus occupies & plunders Jerusalem.
Siege of Jerusalem (AD 70)