October 30th

Sweden Recognizes Palestine. By doing so, it became the first EU country in Western Europe to recognize the State of Palestine. Yasser Arafat declared an independent Palestine on November 15, 1988. The UN General Assembly recognized it a month later.
Israel–Sweden relations
Muhammad Ali knocked out George Foreman in the eighth round of a 15-round bout in Kinshasa, Zaire ("rumble in the jungle") to regain his world heavyweight title.
The Bosporus Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey is completed, connecting the continents of Europe and Asia over the Bosporus for the first time.
Bosphorus Bridge
Biggest Bomb in History is Detonated. The Soviet Union detonated Tsar Bomba or Big Ivan over the Mityushikha Bay test range on the Novaya Zemlya Island in the Arctic Circle. The 57 Megatons nuclear bomb was one-of-a-kind and the flash of light when it exploded at a height of 13,000 feet was visible over 1000 kilometers away.
Largest artificial non-nuclear explosions
Gen. George C. Marshall won the Nobel Peace Prize for originating the Marshall Plan.
Lester B. Pearson
Martha Graham's ballet Appalachian Spring, with music by Aaron Copland, premiered.
Hérodiade (ballet)
Radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds, starring Orson Welles, caused nationwide panic among listeners.
The War of the Worlds (radio drama)
British government gives final approval to Balfour Declaration.
British Mandate for Palestine (legal instrument)
First cross-country flight in Europe. French aviator Henri Farman flew from Bouy to Reims in France. The 14-mile journey took him about 20 minutes. Farman was also the co-founder of the Farman Aviation Works, an airline and engine manufacturing company.
1908 in aviation
'October Manifesto' Russian Tsar Nicholas II grants civil liberties and accepts the first Duma (Parliament).
October Manifesto
Battle of Ladysmith, Natal: Boers defeat the British, leading to the Siege of Ladysmith.
Battle of Ladysmith
Bosphorous Bridge in Istanbul Opens for the First Time. Construction on the suspension bridge over the Bosphorus began in February 1970. The bridge, which connects Asia with Europe, was designed by British engineers Gilbert Roberts and William Brown.
Bosphorus Bridge
English Parliament passes Act of Supremacy, making King Henry VIII head of the Church in England - a role formerly held by the Pope.
Acts of Supremacy
Battle of Rio Salado Battle (or Tarifa): King Afonso IV of Portugal and King Alfonso XI of Castile defeat Sultan Abu al-Hasan 'Ali of Morocco and Yusuf I of Granada, last Marīnids invasion of Iberian Peninsula.
Timeline of the Muslim presence in the Iberian Peninsula
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